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Energy is a vital component of our economy that is accompanied by numerous regulators and stakeholders. The energy industry is affected by commercial trends and political trends alike. Business in the energy sector requires practical and strategic counsel to address the unique legal issues associated with operating in the highly specialized market. We understand that the legal needs of electric and gas companies today may look wholly different tomorrow. 

Our team of attorneys has experience in a wide variety of legal disciplines affecting electricity and gas. We assist clients on commercial litigation matters, energy transactions, federal, state, and local compliance. We focus on our clients’ litigation, transactional and regulatory needs and leverage our regulated markets knowledge and capabilities to help them achieve business success and mitigate potential risks.

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When energy disputes arise, Kendall PC’s litigation team works to preserve our clients’ interests, assets and reputations quickly and efficiently. We understand the full range of complex, commercial energy and natural resources disputes that often occur in the energy sector including those involving oil and gas projects; natural gas and power; transportation and trading; supply and marketing of crude oil; infrastructure for oil and gas projects and in the refining and petrochemical sectors. Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive counsel in the most complex and high-stakes energy disputes, including: 

  • Consumer protection claims 
  • Development, production, sale, and distribution disputes 
  • Breach of commercial contracts
  • Environmental issues 
  • Antitrust 
  • Licensing disputes 
  • Joint venture and price adjustment disputes

Regulatory Counsel 

Navigating the increasingly complex, multilayered, and global regulatory framework that reinforces the energy sector can seem all-encompassing for businesses in today’s evolving framework. Kendall PC’s seasoned regulatory attorneys have extensive experience handling matters regulated by both local, state, and federal U.S. administrative agencies, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; Nuclear Regulatory Commission; and Department of Energy. We provide pragmatic solutions across the energy industries in response to the dynamic regulatory scheme to achieve business objectives and minimize risk.

Commercial Contracting 

Kendall PC’s commercial contracting practice combines legal knowledge with deep sector experience to cover the full spectrum of commercial and business law issues companies must address on a daily basis with a myriad of relationships and contracts that bind them to their suppliers, customers, licensors, distributors, and other strategic partners. These complexities are intensified by the web of intricate regulatory obligations that impact every facet of operations within the energy sector. Our team of attorneys has decades of experience advising energy companies on business-critical commercial transactions, among them:

  • Manufacturing and supply
  • Product development
  • Sales and distribution
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Master service
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Commercial lease
  • Intellectual property agreements

Business Startup, Formation, and Corporate Governance

We conduct due diligence reviews for energy sector companies engaging in acquisitions, mergers, licensing deals, and investments. Our business startup, formation, and corporate governance team works with our attorneys in the regulatory, data protection and privacy, and litigation teams to identify and evaluate the myriad of issues that may affect the proposed transactions.

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To learn more about how our team of seasoned attorneys can help your energy company, contact Kendall PC today online or at (484) 414-4093. We serve companies throughout the United States and across the globe.

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