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By: Kendall PC
May 21, 2022

Litigation Lawyers: Not All Are Created Equal; 5 Qualities to Look For

If your company is facing an actual or potential lawsuit, it’s important to have the best litigation lawyer you can find by your side. A litigator’s job is to zealously represent your company’s interests and help win your case. However, not all lawyers are created equal. Here are five qualities to look for in a litigation lawyer that can help you win your case.

1. Experience

When choosing a litigation lawyer, you should prioritize experience. An experienced lawyer will have a better understanding of how to navigate the court system and will have a thorough understanding of litigation strategies. An experienced litigator will have faced numerous procedural and legal challenges and will have learned how to successfully overcome such obstacles.  They will also be better equipped to deal with opposing counsel and present your case in the best possible light.

2. Case Management and Trial Skills

A successful litigation lawyer needs to effectively manage his case and must have excellent trial skills. Case management includes effectively determining which legal theories to pursue, assessing what evidence needs to be assembled, understanding when a settlement may be advantageous, and managing all case-related deadlines. In terms of trial skills, they need to be able to think on their feet, stay calm under pressure, and remain levelheaded even when things are not going according to plan. A lawyer with strong case management and trial skills can help you achieve your desired result.

3. Communication Skills

Excellent attorneys need to be effective communicators. This means they should be able to explain complex legal concepts clearly and concisely to non-lawyers. They should also be able to effectively communicate with opposing counsel and the judge. A lawyer with good communication skills should be able to explain your position clearly and convincingly, which can give you a better chance of winning your case and publicly positioning your company in the best light.

4. Creativity

Creativity is another important quality to look for in a litigation lawyer. A creative attorney will be able to come up with strategies that other lawyers may not think of. They will also be able to think outside of the box when it comes to finding solutions to legal problems. A creative attorney could positively impact the success of your case. 

5. Passion

Finding a litigation lawyer who is passionate about their work is important because a passionate lawyer will be more likely to work very hard on your case and do what it takes to obtain the best possible outcome for you. Passionate lawyers tend to be more invested in you and the outcome of your case. When choosing a litigation lawyer, passion should be one of the top attributes that you look for in selecting a litigation attorney.

Key Takeaway

Choosing the right litigation lawyer can make all the difference in whether or not you obtain the best possible outcome in your case. When selecting an attorney, always prioritize experience, case management, and trial skills, communication skills, creativity, and passion. A lawyer that embodies these 5 qualities will help set you up to achieve your desired results.

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